People not Chicken

I recite to every new team member that joins our team our “Ultra-purpose”.  What is an Ultra-Purpose you ask?  It’s pretty basic.  For our team, It’s going above & beyond in intentionality.  It’s a focus that gives us meaning behind our mission.  It’s the gasoline that fuels the engine.  Our Ultra-purpose states, “We’re not only here to sell chicken, we’re here to make a difference in the life of everyone who walks through our doors.  When people become our focus, we’ll sell more chicken than we could ever imagine.”  I always conclude to clarify.  “This doesn’t mean we don’t have to sell really good chicken or take anything else just as serious.  In fact, it means just the opposite!  It means we step up our game because we care for people.
People mistake all the time that I’m in the chicken business.  I’m not.  I’m in the people business & we happen to sell really good chicken!  If we run our business without a people focus, we missed the whole point of being in business.  Our guests & our team members are everything.  Without them, we have no business.  In other words, It’s people not chicken.
Let’s break this down:
    No good people = no good chicken
    No quality people = no quality operation
    No guests = no business
We can flip this & state it in the positive.
   Good people = good chicken
   Quality people = quality business
   Guests = business
A good chicken business begins & ends with people no matter how you dice it!  Any business for that matter begins & ends with people.  Without people we have nothing.  And without good, quality people we have nothing exciting!  Good systems, good projects, good marketing strategies, etc are all needed to run a good business.  But these things in & of themselves don’t run the business.  Just take a look around during this crisis we’re in. People run the businesses we all love.  Without people we all have nothing.  We need people.  And we especially need good people now more than ever to be able to get back to the business of doing what they were born to do.  Meaningful work.
When we do get back to our business at hand & running at normal capacity, a great portion of our time is spent on whirlwind activities & tasks in our businesses that take us away from the truly meaningful investments of our businesses.  Why do we waste our time on all these time sucking activities?  #1 they need to get done, but wouldn’t our time be more well spent investing in the people creating & executing these vital systems in our businesses?  Let me answer that.  YES.  We need to find a way to get out of the whirlwind & get to the heart of our business which is the heart of our people.  This is true for any successful business.  Not just the chicken business.  This season we all find ourselves in is a good moment to get re-focused & prepare a new purpose for when the economy relaunches.   
How do I know this is true?  Here’s the litmus test.  Take people out of the equation.  What do you have?  Nothing.  You just have “stuff” without the people & it’s no longer a viable business.  It’s so sad to drive down the road & see so many empty buildings of once thriving businesses.  They need people back inside of them to bring them life again!  
Challenge for the day.  When we get the opportunity to get back to meaningful work, let’s make it about the people you’ve been blessed with in your life.  Your guests & your team.  It all begins & ends with them.
“I tell you, use the riches of this world to help others.  In that way, you will make friends for yourselves.  Then when your riches are gone, you will be welcomed into your eternal home in heaven.” -Luke 16:9 NIRV
We are living in this unique time where all of us are experiencing the same ramifications of removing people from the equation.  We all know riches can be taken away in an instant.  If & when it does what will we have left?  Time, money, & resources invested in people is time, money, & resources well spent.  The dividends are eternal…