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Currently looking for talented Team Members!

Mission: “To be the most positively remarked about restaurant in West Des Moines.”

Ultra-Purpose: “We’re not only here to sell chicken, we’re here to make a difference in the life of everyone who walks through our doors.  When people become our focus, we’ll sell more chicken than we can ever imagine.”

Team Members are responsible for:

  1. Possessing a continuous customer oriented mindset 
  2. Proactively seek out opportunities to go above and beyond the expectations of our guest
  3. Embody and promote the Core Values
    1. TEAMWORK: Creating & sustaining a culture of unity, growth, & influence
    2. EXCELLENCE: Striving to surpass the expected
    3. IMPACT: To affect or change our community in a lasting way
    4. CREATIVITY: To foster an environment of innovation
  4. Provide an accurate order to guests in a timely manner in a refreshingly clean environment

Team Members should follow the listed priorities daily:

  1. Service:
    1. Our guests are our first priority.  They take priority over every task that needs done in the restaurant.  Without our guests, we have nothing
    2. Drop everything for our guests whether it be serving them or preparing their food with a positive attitude
    3. Uphold and exceed all expectations throughout the restaurant:
      1. Uniforms
      2. Quality systems (Food Safety 5)
      3. Chick-fil-A brand standards
      4. Hygiene
      5. Punctuality
      6. Language
      7. Respect
      8. viii.Integrity
    4. Willing to fulfill all applicable positions in the restaurant
  2. Speed:
    1. We are called “FAST FOOD”.  Ensure that we are serving food FAST without compromising standards, quality, & safety
  3. Communication:
    1. Ensure that ALL information is being communicated directly to fellow Team Members, Team Leaders, Directors, & the Operator
    2. Ensure the proper attitude is being used and that it is done in a clear and decisive manner


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